Nail Gel Heaven is the fastest growing nail supply company in the UK specialising in nail gel supplies and accessories. As a family business we value our customers more than our competitors.

We want to build a strong lasting relationship with you, and provide world-class customer service. With a strong vision for the future we look forward to providing top quality products and a great service to the generations to come.

Nail Gel Heaven is the UK supplier for nail gels and related supplies and accessories. We proudly stock the Bluesky brand, which are high quality, value for money products that produce results just as good as the more expensive CND Shellac, OPI, Harmony, Gelish and NSI products. Our nail supplies and accessories continue to be used by beauty professionals across the UK, in shops, salons, and even schools and training facilities.

We are exceptionally proud of our staff, who have years of experience in supplying nail professionals and understand the value we place on customer care.

With all of our products we have personally chosen each item and each line for quality, ease of use, and the beauty of their final application. While they are less expensive than some of the more heavily advertised brands, they have a lower price point for that very same reason, less advertising means better value for you the customer. We stake our reputation on every gel we sell, every applicator and brush.

There is no doubt that the nail industry continues to grow every year, and are happy to assist many nail technicians who appreciate the range and quality of the products we provide, at a price that continues to benefit them and their clients.